Frequently Asked Questions

Bidding and Buying

Q. I've found something I want to buy in the Auction. How do I buy it?
A. We sell everything by unreserved Auction or in the Buy Now venue. If you're interested in buying a product at an OSA Selling Event, you must be an independent retailer and you must register to participate. Once registered, you can bid or buy in person or online. We don't sell any products in advance of the scheduled regional and national selling events. Every item sells to the highest bidder at "Auction" or at the posted promotional price in the “Buy Now” venue.
Q. What does "Unreserved Auction" mean?
A. Unreserved Auction means there are no minimum bids or reserve prices on pallets of products being sold at Auction. As a result, every pallet of product sells to the highest bidder on Auction day, regardless of price. Every OSA Auction is unreserved.

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Q. What does "Buy Now" mean?
A. Buy Now means there are one time only promotional prices on pallets of product being sold at the OSA Selling Events which are lower than the normal day to day wholesale pricing. All Buy Now promotional prices are only available during the actual OSA Selling Event. NO sales will occur before or after the scheduled Event.
Q. How can I be sure that the owner isn't pushing up the price at the Auction?
A. OSA Auctions forbid owners and their agents from bidding on or buying back items they are selling at our auctions, so you can be confident that only legitimate bidders are placing bids. At the OSA Expo auction, bidders set the prices – not sellers.
Q. Can I buy an item before the auction?
A. No: we don't sell any products in advance of the Auction. Every item is sold to the highest bidder on auction day.
Q. How can I bid at OSA Auction?
A. You can bid in person at the auction site or online.
Q. Who can bid or buy at OSA Expo Auction?
A. This is closed to the public. Only independent retailers may register to buy. All registered buyers can attend the OSA Selling Events in person or online.
Q. Which languages does OSA Expo conduct auctions in?
A. The primary language of our business is English. Our auctioneers speak and conduct our auctions in English.

Deposits, payments and fees

Q. Do I have to pay to register before I bid?
A. No, as an independent dealer when you pre-register online or onsite to participate in the OSA Selling Events it is "Free of Charge" courtesy of the hundreds of manufacturers and suppliers participating in the OSA Selling event.
Q. Do I have to pay a buyer’s premium?
A. No, All buyers who participate in person at the OSA Selling events will not be charged a buyer’s premium.
Q. What is a convenience charge?
A. All buyers who do not attend and participate online will be assessed a convenience charge of 10% on all sales transactions.
Q. What is your return/refund policy?
A. All sales are final. There are no refunds.
Q. How can I pay for my purchases?
A. Payment options by pre-approved company check, cashier's check, debit or credit card. A 3% processing fee applies to all credit card payments.

What happens after the OSA Selling Event?

Q. I was a successful buyer. When can I have my product shipped to my store?
A. First you must pay your 15% deposit with the OSA Expo Auction cashier to receive your sales invoice for each lot. On the sales invoice it will list the buyer and seller. Your product will be shipped once you have paid the remaining balance to the seller on the sales invoice(s). If you paid by non-certified funds, the seller will not release your purchase until the funds have cleared their bank. All items sold at auction are shipped FOB manufacturer or supplier.
Q. Can I buy product at the auction site?
A. Yes, you must pay in full the amount due to the OSA Expo Auction cashier before you can remove the pallet(s) from the OSA Expo Auction site.